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Photography Shoot For A New Clothing and Protein Shake Company

Recently, I was hired to produced a series of photographs for a local gym in my area. The gym has just ventured into their own line of clothing and fitness protein powders, they wanted to create a promote their new products with a high energy, attractive new campaign. Although I can’t release the photos to you just yet, I thought it would be a good time to discuss my process and set up for my shoot.


One of the most important aspects of doing promotional photographs are the models. It doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful location or thousands of dollars worth of gear. A bad model will create a bad picture. I’m found two models, male and female who I thought represented the market of the gym that I was working with, young, career-oriented people. As professionals, these two models knew exactly how to pose for the camera and give me the looks I needed to completely my job. This let me focus on more technical aspects of my shoot.


reference imagesI had three strobes with me: One soft-box, and two bare strobes. Because they wanted dramatic lighting, I placed the softbox above my model and rim lit them with the bare strobes. This gave my a really grungy look but definitely matched my reference images (See right). I will be aiming to have a little more light on the front side of the image, but you get the idea.


As for lenses, I used my trusted Canon 24-70 f2.8 on my 5d body. I find that this particular lens gives me a lot of freedom to move around and work in a variety of different spaces. I’m not overly concerned about the lens I use, I want to make sure my photo is lit correctly and that the model is performing in a believable manner. Back in when I started, I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve worked with inexperienced models, and to no fault of their own, the clients weren’t happy with the end product.

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