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How To Make Great Exercise and Training Videos

When I was having trouble motivating myself I found that have a person to train was extremely helpful. However, sometimes you can’t always get out there, in fact, with busy schedules, you could miss a whole weeks worth of exercise. One of the key members of our group had to move overseas, so down a key player of our fitness team we decided to make a series of video for her so she could exercise and still feel like she was part of the group.

I had made a few videos in the past for friends so I had a basic knowledge down. I also got a few tips from a friend who makes wedding films. These films were instructional videos that would give our wayward friend a few ideas and exercises that she could do at home after a day of work.

exercise videos

What do you need?

Camera (or laptop with webcam), lights (or stand next to a big bright window), a computer to edit for video and some fun music.


We kept our videos extremely short, under two minutes. First we would start by explaining the exercise, then I would demonstrate. Finally we were ready to begin the exercise. I would film this a few different times, the reason for this is because I could place my camera and a different angle, so my friend would have different views of the exercise. That’s it!


I’ll admit, computers aren’t my strong suit, so I did get a bit of help with these. My friend let me use his computer to put together the videos. He showed me a few tricks to make the videos fun and interesting to watch, they’re nothing special but they do get the point across.


A few things that I found made the videos really exciting were music and filters. We used some really cool songs we found for free at I was advised that it’s best to use free music, as it’s a healthy practice, don’t forget to give credit to the artist.

I added a few titles at the beginning and end so my friend would know exactly which exercise we would be doing.

We also added a few really neat light leaks onto the edits. This gave the film a bit more of a professional look at feel.

This may not be everyone’s thing, however, if you have access to some of the equipment needed to make a training video you might as well give it a try! Who knows, maybe you’ll be a youtube sensation, hopefully for all the right reasons.

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