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Slow Motion Photo-booths. Is slow-mo the new thing?

With the release of cameras such as the new “Go Pro” the slow motion world is no longer out of reach for us every-day filmmakers. These tiny cameras are capable of producing high definition footage at 120 frames per second. Even the regular cameras we use for our shoots are producing fantastic footage that wasn’t possible 5 years ago. The Digital SLR revolution and the high end digital cinema cameras have made it possible to create some stunning work.

A trend that is picking up steam are these slow motion photo-booths. We can see why. It’s a fairly easy process. You’ll need a backdrop, props (hats, bubbles, silly string, etc.) and a camera that can shoot 60 frames per second or 160 frames per second. The slow the better. Get guest’s to participate in the photo-booth, get them to do silly things, play some music for them, give them fun props. Remember, you don’t really need much footage as you’re going to slow it down in the editing room. Remember, people are going to feel way more comfortable as the night goes (they’ll be drunk).

So why are people doing this? What’s the point? Well, if you’ve ever those videos of people getting hit my water balloons in slow motion you’ll notice something… it’s hilarious!

Things don’t look like people would expect them to when it’s completely slowed down. Don’t believe us? Watch this video:



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