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Our Favourite Wedding Songs for Wedding Videos

Choosing a song for a wedding video can be tough. There a many questions you may have to ask yourself when deciding on a song. Does the song fit the style of your video? Does the song fit the couple in the video? How long is the song? Do the lyrics fit the mood of your piece. The list can go on.

We’ve put together a list of a few songs that we think work great in wedding videos.

The Middle East – Blood

This song by the Australian band The Middle East (bit confusing) is a great example of a song that really builds. The slow start lets you focus on the details and romantic couple shots. By the end of the song the choir really kicks it into gear. Great for those final shots of the wedding festivities!

Daughter – Youth

This British trio really know how to make a moody song. The drums build nicely in this song, but her soft voice and guitar really make this a fantastic piece to add to the start of a video.

Ben Howard – Old Pine

I guess we have a particular style, here’s another English musician. Ben Howard’s song feels like a few different songs in one. A song about the memories shared with loved ones songs like a perfect wedding video song!

Hopefully these tracks will get you on the right track for picking a great wedding video song.

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